That drop of tear…

There was something inside me,

My mind didn’t allow me to see

The heart knew there is a void

and was searching for a bright side

When it couldn’t find anything

A sudden burst happened

And I realised how a drop of tear can make a vision clear

Without any fear, you will listen to what you never wanted to hear ๐Ÿ‘‚

All the past mistakes now seemed like a lesson

And the path now I was heading looked easier..

Everything searched in chaos was very near

Earlier it was hard enough to walk even a mile

Now I regained confidence and smile

All that happened because of that drop of tear

Sometimes a drop of tear is needed to make things clear.

28 thoughts on “That drop of tear…

  1. Such a true and beautiful poem !!!
    Yes indeed mistakes are required to learn a lesson. Usually the result of our mistakes is painful but ultimately it makes us more strong and loving ourselves.

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