First blog

So,this is my first post.With a new hope and enthusiasm I want to write about the absurdity in life,the lifestyle most of us are engrossed into is very complicated.In our generation we can find that we aren’t complacent,though we have extreme talent inbuild  into us ,somewhere we are fighting with us.Today we need such environmemt where we can be understood,the main prob is this only,we are unable to express what we actually need in our life.So taking arduous step,not succumb to failure,let us walk in precipice and create a happy environment around us.


That loss..

All of a sudden it came.

That just drove me insane.

I know this is nothing new

Better if it was never viewed

Love and inspiration in his work.

What made his thought blurred

Maybe too much rush made him feel too alone.

As if there was no peaceful zone..

What about the promises which were made.

You were not allowed to leave this way..

Things were going normally.Yesterday he stepped off the walk to cross an alley

Today life seems to be silly.As we couldn’t see that person near the valley.

Money and fame which we keep on chasing whole life now seem to be so gross.

Giving up and leaving everything behind is the greatest loss.

This is written for sushant as today one of the great actor sushant Singh rajput committed suicide.

I don’t wanna go back ⬅️.

When I look back ⬅️ it started with an appreciation

I was in the misperception that I am the most flawless creation

Lie it is a lie and I don’t wanna go back…

Day by day I was being deceived

didn’t see what all lies I am going to receive

Love made me go blindfolded

Started living a life which was well-plotted.

Hoax it is…and I don’t wanna go back…

All it was like a dream that soon will be ended

Lies consumed me and everything was dreaded

One day the truth came out

All I wanted was to loudly shout

How I lived in a fairytale without a doubt

At that moment my world shattered.

Didn’t even knewhow I will be getting better.

couldn’t see how I was drowning

All I remember is that I was left with no feelings

Learnt I learnt, I don’t wanna go back

After days passed I came back on track.

I grew stronger than what I thought

Won every battle I fought

Now there is turning back

I don’t wanna go back

I don’t wanna go back…

That drop of tear…

There was something inside me,

My mind didn’t allow me to see

The heart knew there is a void

and was searching for a bright side

When it couldn’t find anything

A sudden burst happened

And I realised how a drop of tear can make a vision clear

Without any fear, you will listen to what you never wanted to hear 👂

All the past mistakes now seemed like a lesson

And the path now I was heading looked easier..

Everything searched in chaos was very near

Earlier it was hard enough to walk even a mile

Now I regained confidence and smile

All that happened because of that drop of tear

Sometimes a drop of tear is needed to make things clear.

When this ends..

The shelter skelter of daily life when I faced traffic on the road to reach office.

When I felt happy seeing the faces of my friends

And there were plans made on Friday’s that should be executed on weekends.

Now everything is at a halt because of a pandemic

And everyone has to stay at home and should be hygienic

Circumstances are hard but there is no need to panic

This will be over soon and that day will be a boon

When this ends there will be again laughter and happiness

So do people will realize the importance of togetherness

The roads will be again filled with noises

Everything will be back to normal and you will be hearing so many voices.


Once we become mature enough we realize that what we think that someone close to our heart ,whom we love unconditionally will understand our pain when we are in trouble is such a bullshit coz we all have to go through all the sufferings alone and have to handle them on our own as we live in a world where people wants you only when you are at your best and they will leave you at your worst no matter how much you have done for them.

A tree.

A tree 🍃 near my house is my friend who taught me so many things.

On a day when I feel like giving up and then start gazing outside the window to discuss it with him.

My friend who is withstanding even after facing strong winds and rains never complained.

Providing me shade and bearing all the pain taught me to not to be too insane.

When I lose my patience and give up on everything.

I saw him bearing all the mess giving by human beings.

He provides everything(oxygen, shelter and fruits) and did his deed.

It is all the man who misuses everything for their need.

So, can’t we learn from our beautiful nature 🌎 and start living in peace.

Where is peace??

In this chaotic world where we are bounded by a social circle, it’s getting hard for most of us to find a space. When we look deep inside our life all we know is true happiness and space we need ourself to explore who we really are is missing.

We become what we repeatedly do.

This quote is enough to describe why most of us don’t succeed and do lack in many aspects of our lives.

Most of us are so engrossed in social life that we make it a habit of seeing others life and then start the main issue we ignore ourselves, there are scepticism and pessimism that takes over us.

So, the more you stay away from distraction and start becoming self-aware, finding the real purpose of life and making yourself say I am enough alone because in the end there will be only one person always standing with you and that is only and only you.

Love yourself.

I know it’s the hardest but an important aspect of life. In this chaotic world, people are too emotional and sensitive but with tremendous talent do fall in the wrong place. While loving others or their dear ones they set themselves into a process of not realising their own worth. They forgot how they loved themselves before how much happy they were earlier. So, as soon as we start unloving ourself even the people we love and care will leave us or will not care enough for us and that moment will hurt you like anything.You will feel like the world is falling apart but it’s up to you how you can start afresh and stronger than ever before.

The day we start loving ourself everything will be ok.

Just love what you do and don’t think of consequences keep yourself a priority


Deep Cleansing..

When the burden of your thoughts starts exaggerating.

It’s a poignant reminder to kick start deep cleansing.

Absolving all the negative contemplation.

Blooming a succinct perception.

Setting priorities, that ameliorate the situation.

Moving forward with determination, expunging criticism.

Imbibe good vibes retaliating fulmination.

Discern inner self to become contented enough.

Surge like there is no limit to love.